Driving your vision.

Motivating your workforce.

Renegade Employee Optimization helps companies large and small reach – and often exceed – their business goals by:

  • Improving employee performance
  • Empowering the corporate culture
  • Engaging employees at all levels

Proven Record of Success

Our proven success is realized through science-based methodologies and customized internal initiatives that improve sales, increase retention, enhance competitive insight and support product launches.

We reach your front-line employees, managers and supervisors with a results-focused blend of adult learning principles and proven optimization practices rooted in behavioral economics and research.

Our programs are agile and our team is responsive. We design and deliver tailored training programs through custom digital platforms, engaging videos and high-impact on-site coaching sessions. 

Once a program begins to thrive, we can also acknowledge your employee successes through a full range of recognition and rewards programs. No matter the size of your initiative, our baked-in comprehensive measurements provide actionable reports with results that speak for themselves.