Each of our core services can be customized based on your company’s specific needs.


Our team of dynamic and skilled facilitators has tens of thousands of hours of classroom experience and a strong foundation in behavioral science. They are highly skilled at creating comfortable yet structured learning environments. Our sessions are highly interactive. We lead learners to conclusions through dynamic group discussion and activities that cultivate engagement.

Instructional Design

We are a one-stop shop for multi-media, mobile and traditional classroom training with skilled instructional designers, graphic artists, web developers and state-of-the-art video production and post-production capabilities all under one roof. We start with sound adult-learning principles and targeted research-based strategies to develop engaging and effective learning experiences focused on sales, the customer experience, performance management and presentation skills.

Bite-sized Learning

Today’s employee is inundated with information with little time for skill development. Our bite-sized learning modules are scaled for the modern workplace. We combine the art of marketing with the science of training and use story-driven video, compelling graphics and skill-building user interactions to create quick, yet impactful learning experiences that can be deployed anywhere, anytime.

Digital Communications

We developed the R-Mail™, a unique digital communication tool that delivers video, interactive learning activities and quizzes right to an employee’s inbox. This consistent information delivery doesn’t pull employees away from their jobs. Instead, R-Mail’s graphic design and research-based interactive features draw employees in and foster greater information retention.

Product Launch Events

Our on-site launch events are designed to give employees knowledge, confidence and excitement about a new product. Each event is customized to a client’s specific needs, goals, budget and environment and backed by years of performance enhancement data. Events may include information booths or kiosks, competitive learning activities, collateral (posters, job aids), games, food, prizing and event staffing.

On-site Rallies

Whether it’s a bump in sales or a boost in morale, our on-site rallies get teams pumped up and raring to go. On-site rallies are one of the most effective ways to generate a short-term boost in performance. We handle everything from program design and creative concepts to on-site staffing and prize fulfillment.


Research has shown that employees who are engaged and enjoying themselves are much more open to learning and demonstrating new behaviors and skills. Gamification is a highly effective approach for gaining this employee buy-in because it makes traditionally “dry” topics more interesting and relevant. By combining traditional gaming elements with science-based methodologies, we design a variety of gamification programs ranging from simple team activities to multi-level web-based competitions.

Reward & Incentive Programs

From simple “prize for performance” campaigns to large-scale rewards programs, our team of incentive experts does it all! Starting from a foundation of adult learning principles based in behavioral science, we craft tailored programs that build off your strengths and close your knowledge gaps. Each program is a fully executed solution containing everything from creative concepting, performance tracking, collateral design, training element development and prize fulfillment.

Incentive Travel

A VIP trip experience can be the ultimate reward for stellar performance. We design, organize, coordinate and staff these events from start to finish, making it easy and stress free for you. Let our experts handle performance and qualification tracking, venue selection, event and excursion planning, travel, speakers, entertainment multi-media production and more. Rest easy knowing you’ll get an unforgettable experience for your top performers without the stress!

Performance Tracking

We believe what gets measured is what gets done. Our formalized measurement process uses structured tracking tools that can help you with everything from setting consistent expectations to motivating employees. No matter what you are looking to “get done,” we can build a web-based tool catered to that performance metric that is both easy to deploy and easy to use.

Pre-Program Needs Assessment

Conducting a needs assessment and proper data capture prior to initiative design creates a more effective program and better ROI. Our extensive experience designing and deploying research and assessment tools includes electronic surveys, focus groups, site observations, job shadowing and one-on-one interviews.

Post Program Results Analysis

Prior to any project, we work with you to determine the desired participant reaction, learning, application and operational results. This leads to the design and administration of a variety of behavioral science-based evaluation tools to measure performance based on your desired outcomes. Our consultation extends through the entire program, including how best to measure application and operational results.