Our E4 strategy is built upon more than 25 years of experience in Employee Optimization.


Through E4 – Education, Engagement, Excitement and Evaluation – we blend proven instructional design and award-winning creativity to transform performance and provide tangible operational results.

From call centers to retail locations and field employees to door-to-door sales reps, we get employees to embody your vision and accelerate performance through research-driven strategies that benefit your company's culture and bottom line.


Well-designed, on-the-job learning programs don't just develop skills; they also directly impact employee satisfaction and loyalty. From traditional classroom training to cutting-edge mobile learning, we create behavioral science-based sales, customer care and leadership programs that polish up rusty skills and build a foundation for a cultural change.


An engaged employee is a well-informed, active employee who exceeds expectations and continually burns bright. Our ongoing employee engagement programs leverage performance data to transform your workforce into a cohesive team united towards a single goal – creating brand evangelists who will grow your business.


Do your employees have that fire in their eyes and skip in their step when they come to work? Are they truly passionate about what they do and who they do it for? We use behavioral science-based approaches that are proven to get your team fired up and ready to take on the next challenge.


Evaluation is both the beginning and the end of E4. Before starting a new program, we look at what's been tried, what’s been working and what's been falling flat. We then evaluate our programs, both during and after, to make sure they perform – often exceeding expectations.