Proven Programs

We have a host of science-based initiatives that create enduring improvements for our clients.

Product Launches

A well-designed internal product launch campaign sets your team up for success. We focus on three key performance drivers – knowledge, confidence and excitement. Our customized approach uses a blend of educational strategies, competitive gaming components, on-site and off-site events and take away collateral.

Sales and Retention Improvement

Impacting sales and retention performance in a way that produces meaningful and sustainable results requires the right mix of Education, Engagement and Excitement strategies. Organizations of all sizes have relied upon our expertise to create unique training, incentive and coaching programs that drive sales, retention and customer care behaviors. Whether you are looking for a quick boost to hit monthly or quarterly goals or are working toward long-term culture change we can create exactly what your company needs.

Competitive Knowledge Enhancement

Are you confident your frontline is more knowledgeable about your competition than your customers are? Studies show that consumers are researching products and services more than ever, relying on information from a variety of digital media before buying. From competitive learning tools to digital platforms that deliver real-time competitive information and messaging strategies, we help clients become more effective at communicating their competitive edge.

Top Performers' & President's Clubs

A President’s Club can do more than just reward top tier performance. With the right research-based design and behavioral-science optimized execution, a President’s Club can impact your bottom-line through improved collaboration, higher employee retention, increased sales and higher quality customer experiences.

Our unique programs not only reward based on tiered levels of performance, they include learning components that enable consistent achievement. When you are ready to give your top performers the ultimate reward, we will plan, organize and staff an unforgettable VIP trip experience. We handle everything for you, from online registration and travel booking to venue and entertainment management.

Through Renegade’s careful planning and effective communication, we’ve successfully launched five retention incentives that have yielded anywhere from 2 – 4 point improvement in retention related metrics. That movement equates to big numbers for our company.

Heather Lyon
Comcast, Sr. Director, Retention Channel Management